Navigate succesfully through organizational innovation

Organizations are constantly in motion and change is the order of the day. You and your organization do not want to miss the boat and keep up with innovations. Sometimes the heart and direction that suits the organization is ignored. Change management gives shape and direction to these processes. 

Change also has an impact on the employees within your organization. No matter how resilient a person is, it is important to pay attention to what change does to someone. And what it does to the team in which the individual moves.

I work with various effective tools, including workshops and team building. This gives you insight into what change affects the employee(s) and how they can deal with it positively. This increases the adoption of your change process.

What you can expect from me:

Guidance of change processes within your organization

Designing and shaping a change process

Strategy execution: e.g. translating the mission and vision of the organization into desired behavior

Act as a sparring partner for people in key positions within the organization

Sustainably increasing the learning capacity of the organization

Use of refreshing and new working methods in team guidance


From strategy to successful implementation

Even a brilliant strategy has no value without successful implementation. Whether it concerns a growth strategy, cost reduction, or cultural or behavioral change, the organization and its people must work in a different way. My working method supports you in shaping, developing and translating business goals from your strategy into an action plan or project plan.

Through attention and commitment, the performance of the organization improves and you increase the capacity for change of your employees.

An action plan with quotation follows from the intake interview in which you indicate the problem. This provides immediate insight into what is being carried out, which sub-activities result from this and what investment is involved. After agreement, an order confirmation will follow in which the agreements made are recorded.

As certified Introdrives© As a motivation coach, I can also use a team and individual motivation scan to gain insight and accelerate a desired change.



You can contact me e.g. for:

Program & Project Management assignments
Interim Management assignments

Guidance on strategic sessions & workshops

Team building activities & training

Individual coaching of employees


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Sustainable change through a tailor-made trajectory

Every person and organization is different and deserves an approach specifically tailored to them. My approach is therefore that every process is tailor-made. An intake or introductory meeting therefore takes place prior to each process. This forms the basis for further cooperation. My starting point is that there is a mutual feeling that the set goal can be achieved together based on mutual trust. 

The intake interview in which the request for help is central is followed by an action plan with a quotation. This provides immediate insight into what is being carried out, which sub-activities result from this and what investment is involved. After agreement, the order confirmation follows, in which the agreements made are recorded. 

Individual appointments can also be scheduled for coaching. 

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